Wise Setup User Guide

Using the important features that Wise for Windows Installation Wizard provide, SSW's applications have been able to deploy .Net solutions as well as Access and VB6 solutions successfully onto destination machines.

Getting Started

First install SQL Deploy by downloading and running the setup package. When the installation is complete, view the "Samples" folder that the setup package has opened.

Sample folder
Figure: The first thing you should do is view the sample and look at the sample code

Viewing the Samples

Please take the time to look at the samples that are installed with the application. There are samples for:

  • Microsoft Access
  • .NET Windows Forms
  • ASP.NET Web Forms

The "SampleData" folder contains sample SQL scripts that work with the supplied sample applications.
SQL Deploy can run on 2 modes:

  1. Running as an .exe
  2. Integrated with Application